I wrote and filmed some sketches, as part of proof-of-concept for a series pilot I have written. The series is titled something different, but we figured we'd still release the sketches under the banner of 'How To Survive Your Shitty Job." My favourite is the Dead Mouse one. They were edited and directed by Ben Eriksen, and star Alasdair Trembley-Birchall, who is also one of the writers with me on Mad As Hell.

 Hi there,

These are some videos of mine that are on the internet. There's some special ones exclusively listed here, where I've made the links a trifle sneaky so you have to come through this website if you want to watch them.

This one's a video made for Dunlopedia, an erotic-fan fiction that I wrote about infomercial products. I've included it here on my site to mostly showcase my excellent storybook reading skills.

This is a video of a very early open-mic set that I did in 2008. It's one of my first gigs a bit rough around the edges but there's something about it that I really love. Sorry about all the pictures of dicks on the wall behind me, they weren't my idea. It's not a publicly listed clip, so you can only access it with this link.

If these videos don't go viral then I will upload some more.