Hey there!

I'm pretty excited to say that I'm currently happy at home in Perth putting the finishing touches on the Perth season script for GHOST MACHINE. My dog goes and hides in the laundry whenever I rehearse. Fair enough.

You can grab tickets through the fringe world website, but I'll also be putting a bunch on rushtix next week if you want a sneaky heads up for a bargain. It's at 6.30 in the Deluxe tent (definitely my favourite venue ever) in the Pleasure garden.

See you soon! 

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came and supported 'Pillow of Strength' at the 2014 Perth Fringeworld and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This show was my favourite so far and I am so happy and grateful for the genuinely amazing amount of support and feedback that was given to my strange hour of yelling in an underground concrete bunker. Overall it was a huge success and I'm really excited about where it might go in the future.

If you missed it, the show has another run coming up in Melbourne at the end of September.

I've also finally gotten around to getting permission for and editing up some new video clips to freshen up the incredibly few minutes of footage that I've swirled into the internet.

I've also linked through to a couple of my favourite Community Kitchen episodes, you can catch the whole series through the Dunlopedia channel on YouTube.

Community Kitchen

We've almost finished filming the series of Community Kitchen for now. Just a few more episodes to tape during MICF. It's going to be fun* seeing comedians up and at'em so early in the morning during a festival vortex.

You can find out more about the show, get links and subscribe to updates  (that will likely be more frequent and professional than mine) here at the link below. At the moment they're bragging about our viewer ratings.



SBS2 stand-up showcase

Was lucky enough to be a part of an amazing stand-up showcase filmed by Princess Pictures for SBS2. There's an incredible line-up of comics over a few episodes coming to a TV near you (Probably in your lounge room) very soon.


Look out, it's a new show!

Just got back from Sydney and am very excited to properly confirm and announce a brand new show "Pillow of Strength" for 2014. I'm not allowed to tell you what festival it will debut at yet, but let's just say I'll be heading home to Perth for some summertimes.

Big thanks to The Mic in Hand for a great gig and to Stevie Cruz-Martin for her excellent photography skills, once again. I loved the feathers out of Sydney, particularly the excellent ocean pools and chicken and chips on the beach.




Poster shoot in Sydney with Stevie Cruz-Martin Photography.

Poster shoot in Sydney with Stevie Cruz-Martin Photography.



Hey there!

I've just built a new website, it's a slight upgrade on my old one and it only took me a whole weekend of yelling at my computer to create. I am still working on making it better and having it have more things on it for you. Secret stand-up videos and blog-posts and cartoons and links to good recipes for pie, most likely.

In the meantime, here's some other nice things for you to look at...

You should probably read these cartoons. They're made by my friend Shane and they have made my life a better life.

Here is a video on THE MOST AMAZING OCTOPUS IN THE WORLD! (That's right. The WORLD.)

Actually, why not get started on some things right now? Here's that pie I promised.

Hope I see you back here soon,