London 2019


Really happy to announce that I’ve joined the roster over at Chambers Management. They’re a lovely agency with some incredible acts that it’s an honour to have my picture next to over on their website. You can read more about them, or get in contact over at my profile link. The wonderful Abby Singer at Casarotto Ramsay is still my writing agent.

I’m wrapping up my UK tour of GHOST MACHINE possibly forever at Soho Theatre in a few weeks in June. You can buy tickets through the link above, and there’s only 3 shows so pre-book if you can please.

I live in London now with my husband James because love and change are the only two certainties we can hold onto in this life. I’m currently working on my own script with BBC Studios and getting trains to a lot of places that end with ‘ester’. I’m putting the new show together for Edinburgh, working on a book and another couple of scripts in my spare time. I’m trying to juggle them all, which involves a lot of sitting in a corner drinking tea and thinking mostly. And by tea I mean also vodka and by thinking I mean also frowning. These are brave new days. I brought my own mugs over from Australia because I don’t like change like drinking out of strange mugs and it’s important to feel safe in your own home.

I haven’t lived at a permanent address for 12 months touring now, and it’s so nice to finally unpack my big green suitcase. I find packing and moving around a lot very emotional and love having a home base again. To celebrate my new roots I bought one of those acupressure mats with all the spikes. I love it and it’s nice to have a new masochistic hobby that I can do from the comfort of my own home.

Speaking of masochism, I’m writing my new stand-up show. It’s called Better Dead Than a Coward. I find naming shows the hardest part of the whole process. It really stresses me out and I have so much trouble trying to find something that seems to fit. Usually I’ll sit with no title for as long as possible, and wait for something to come in loud and clear. Better Dead Than a Coward came in loud and clear.

I haven’t written a new show since Cake in The Rain in 2017 as I did the reprise of Ghost Machine last year and it feels really exciting to make new work again. Not making new work last year felt like a creative gamble, but this kind of renewed fizz and bubbling pep-and-ready was exactly what I was hoping for.

I’ve also moved over to the free-fringe model this year. I’ve done two seasons at one of the big four and while it was nice, it was missing a little bit of the chaos and grunt that I really love for a live show. I found myself surprisingly missing the scary, smelly, hot, stuffy, underground, weird concrete bunker that I got to do my shows in at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I don’t know if this is Stockholm syndrome or not but yeah actually now I step back from it it probably is. I guess I am my own keeper now.

I’m hoping to bring it to Australia for 2020, but for now there’s just UK preview dates.

Anyway my show is on a bus this year and I’m fucking delighted about it. Considering how much of the shows writing is being done on buses I’m guessing the show is going to be right at home.

Well, my sweet-potato fries are beeping at me from the oven. Thank you for reading this if you did. LD