Hi all, 5 months since my last update. I think that we can all see from the infrequency of these posts that I get entirely no joy out of writing these. 

Nevertheless, a marketing expert once told me that people judge you on the frequency of your website posts so here I am again, sticking my head back into the void to have a good old bleat about myself.

I'm sitting in Grace cafe in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I'm currently here writing on Season 8 of Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell. The lady who made my coffee just asked a man picking up 4 takeaway coffees if he'd like a carry-box and he said 'no' which shows a level of self-belief that I can't even imagine.

I'm moving over to the UK in May, and taking my show GHOST MACHINE on tour for Edinburgh Fringe and a few other festivals while I'm there.

I'll still be visiting Australia, hoping to split my time around the best of the weathers.

If you're going out to see shows for MICF, please go see Alice Fraser (I'm directing her new show this year), Andy Matthews' and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall's sketch show, Jack Druce, James Nokise, and Clara Cupcakes. I promise I'm not just listing names, these people are genuinely excellent and if you like my work I think you'll like theirs.