2017's looking to be a big year. I start work on the next season of Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell in a couple of weeks and I really can't wait. I'm up late nights watching old episodes on youtube and taking very serious notes while I eat too much chocolate for "work purposes". That makes it tax-deductible, right?

Straight after the work on the season wraps I head to Edinburgh Fringe, where I'm taking Cake in the Rain for a month at Underbelly. I'm also performing at the End Of The Road Festival (Which looks bloody amazing) and a run of shows in London while I'm in the UK. I've been googling English tourism destinations and today learned that there's such a thing as a Swannery.

I'm also excited to say that I'm exhuming GHOST MACHINE (spelt allcaps, pronounced shouted) for a two week tour in Malaysia late September on my way home from the UK. It's been really fun to look over the show again and make some new edits. Whilst I think that my more recent shows have been stronger in a lot of ways, Ghosty has a lovely soul to it that makes it my favourite.

A script-project I've had on the back-burner is also starting to properly bubble. It's either a pilot for a series or a short film, depending on what that depends on. I'm really hoping to have some little bits filmed to show you soon.

That's all, thanks for reading.




M.I.C.F and Edinburgh Fringe

We're a few weeks out from what will be my 10th Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Cake in the Rain is my 8th Solo show at this festival, and I'm back in Fort Delta Gallery. It's a little harder to find, but it means that I get to set ticket prices significantly lower for you, so please persevere. It's in the Capitol arcade, directly opposite the Melbourne Town Hall. You can pick up tickets through the 'BUY TICKETS' tab, or at the door if it's not sold out.

In other exciting news 2017 will be the first time that I take my work to the Ed-Fringe in August. It's a huge festival and I can't wait to be part of it. I'm fundraising for it by selling some large postcard prints of the poster image over in the merch section for $5. 




Perth Fringeworld, Adelaide Fringe and MICF are all booked in so far for 2017. You can pick up tickets over at the 'Buy Tickets' page. (My New-Year's resolution was to update this website more. Nailing it so far, I reckon.)

My ABC2 special airs on the 11th of February, but you can check it out on ABCiview right now if you click here.

Melbourne Fringe

Melbourne Fringe has finished for 2016 and I'm mostly wrapped up in Melbourne for Solo Shows for the year. Marco. Polo. will be touring Perth and Adelaide, next year and a brand new hour for debut at MICF 2017.

Working hard at the moment on the finishing touches to a short-film script I've been writing for years and generating the new show. I'm also keeping a lot of house-plants alive in what is dangerously becoming a second full-time job.

To follow club gigs as they come head over to my facebook/twitter pages. Links up top.

ABC2 1hr Special

Hey there, I'm filming a one-hour solo show for ABC2 in a few weeks.

Because my last three solo shows are completely logistically unfeasible for a wave on the telly, I will be doing an hour of THE BEST MATERIAL FROM ALL THREE, plus a little bit of fresh stuff that I've been working on over the last few weeks. I'm having a really nice time going back over all the stuff and picking out the favourites. 'Gobby or Shark' is definitely 'in'.

It's going to be filmed on the 24th of July at 5.45pm in the little 80 seat Easey Street Concert Hall in Collingwood, you can pick up a ticket over at this link. I made tickets pretty cheap, to encourage a manic booking frenzy...I'll wait.

Zoe Coombs Marr is filming her Barry award/Golden Gibbo winning show in the block after me, so you can do a back-to-back double of 2015/2016 Gibbo winners if that sounds like your niche.


Marco? Polo! at MICF 2016

Marco? Polo! had a thoroughly successful season at the 2016 MICF. It was a pleasure to work with Wes Snelling as Director and the Moosehead team.

The show enjoyed rave, five star reviews and was sold out almost every night of it's 25 shows, with some extra performances added to accommodate demand. 

Keep an eye out for reprise seasons and touring dates through the social media links.

GHOST MACHINE's final seasons.

GHOST MACHINE wrapped up it's hauntings at the Perth Fringeworld Festival in Jan/February and at Brisbane Comedy Festival in March. Lots of sold out shows and fun crowds.

Both seasons were so lovely. A big thanks to The Blue Room Theatre and the Brisbane Powerhouse for having me.


MOOSEHEAD AWARD for 2016 show 'Marco Polo' and GHOST MACHINE's last tour dates.

Happy to announce that I've just received a Moosehead Grant to fund the development of next year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival show 'Marco Polo.'

The Moosehead's are awarded to interesting, out of the box ideas and offer a serious amount of funding and support meaning that next year will be better than ever!

GHOST MACHINE heads to Brisbane for the Halloween Weekend in collaboration with amazing spoken word collective RUCKUS SLAM. 

It will tour to Perth over late January, and then back to Brisbane for early March.


AUS Tour Dates and follow up seasons for GHOST MACHINE

Me and Ghosty are going to be doing a little bit of travelling, these next few weeks.


Friday 22nd: 1pm flight, Knockoff Comedy and then a gig for the Sit Down
Saturday 23rd: at the Albion Hotel, then again for the Sit Down
Sunday 24th: Night off to watch Scott Wings 'Colossi' at the Anywhere Festival 
Monday 25th: Gig at Newmarket
Tuesday 26th: Headline at HAQ comedy
Wednesday 27th: MC at The Twig and Berry

GHOST MACHINE at the Butterfly Club for a week from the 2nd of JUNE. It's only just been confirmed but a ticketing link will be available through https://www.thebutterflyclub.com in the next  couple of days.

SYDNEY gigs from the 11th of JUNE

I'll be at Giant Dwarf debating with Eddie Sharp on the 11th, with a few more club spots TBA for the rest of the week. Then GHOST MACHINE has been commissioned for a one-off show at the Surry Hills library on the 18th of JUNE. FREE ENTRY TO AN AWARD WINNING SHOW. 

PERTH gig dates in the second half of JULY TBA. (Maybe even a GHOST MACHINE…)

SYDNEY FRINGE in the first week of SEPTEMBER, dates TBA.

MELBOURNE FRINGE in the last week of SEPTEMBER/1st week of OCTOBER dates TBA.

SYDNEY gig dates TBA in late OCTOBER.

That's all for now…going to try to get to Adelaide and maybe Hobart before the end of the year and then home to Perth for Christmas. Phew!


So excited and proud to say that GHOST MACHINE has won the Golden Gibbo award for Best Independent Show at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It's a fantastic award in memory of the late Lynda Gibson and celebrates all the things that I love about this art form. So proud of all my fellow nominees (half were from Perth!) and award winners for this year. Congratulations!

Community Kitchen Season 3

Hey! We're really excited to say that Dunlopedia will be filming a THIRD SEASON of Community Kitchen over the period of Melbourne International Comedy Festival with some extra special high profile guests. We've got some great venues and meals lined up for April. You can still catch repeats of S2 on C31/your state specific community station and keep up to date with episodes, bonus clips and news over at the Community Kitchen facebook page or the Dunlopedia channel on youtube.


Hey there!

I'm pretty excited to say that I'm currently happy at home in Perth putting the finishing touches on the Perth season script for GHOST MACHINE. My dog goes and hides in the laundry whenever I rehearse. Fair enough.

You can grab tickets through the fringe world website, but I'll also be putting a bunch on rushtix next week if you want a sneaky heads up for a bargain. It's at 6.30 in the Deluxe tent (definitely my favourite venue ever) in the Pleasure garden.

See you soon! 

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came and supported 'Pillow of Strength' at the 2014 Perth Fringeworld and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This show was my favourite so far and I am so happy and grateful for the genuinely amazing amount of support and feedback that was given to my strange hour of yelling in an underground concrete bunker. Overall it was a huge success and I'm really excited about where it might go in the future.

If you missed it, the show has another run coming up in Melbourne at the end of September.

I've also finally gotten around to getting permission for and editing up some new video clips to freshen up the incredibly few minutes of footage that I've swirled into the internet.

I've also linked through to a couple of my favourite Community Kitchen episodes, you can catch the whole series through the Dunlopedia channel on YouTube.

Community Kitchen

We've almost finished filming the series of Community Kitchen for now. Just a few more episodes to tape during MICF. It's going to be fun* seeing comedians up and at'em so early in the morning during a festival vortex.

You can find out more about the show, get links and subscribe to updates  (that will likely be more frequent and professional than mine) here at the link below. At the moment they're bragging about our viewer ratings.



SBS2 stand-up showcase

Was lucky enough to be a part of an amazing stand-up showcase filmed by Princess Pictures for SBS2. There's an incredible line-up of comics over a few episodes coming to a TV near you (Probably in your lounge room) very soon.